China Ductile Iron U-Bolted Mechanical Tee for Fire Fightingchina ProfessionalFactory for Fire Fighting with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Product Description

one.Basic Information

Material  Ductile Iron (ASTM A536 Quality sixty five-forty five-twelve)
Gasket Materials   EPDM
Area Therapy  Epoxy-(Pink)RAL3000, Epoxy-Orange, Epoxy powder portray,Very hot Galvanized,
Dimensions  1″-twelve”
Doing work Force 300PSI
Cerification  ISO 9001:2008,FM,UL,CCC and CE approved
Join Finish Type   Grooved end ,Thread end 
Technology  Casting
Bolts and Nuts  ISO 898-1 Class8.8
Payment  by T/T,L/C
Packaging  In poly wooden scenario,or in carton on the poly wood pallets,we can pack goods as for each custmon’s necessity.
Delivery element usually inside 15days,based on order quantity.
Structure kind 1) Rigid CZPT ,Adaptable CZPT , Lowering Adaptable CZPT
two) CZPT Radius and Short Radius Elbow (90°/45°/22.5°/eleven.25°)
three) Equivalent Tee, Grooved Minimizing Tee, Grooved Reduing Tee(Threaded outlet)
four) Grooved CZPT Tee,Grooved CZPT Cross
five) Equivalent Cross, Grooved Reducing Cross
6) Grooved Reducer, Threaded Reducer
7) Adapter Flange, Grooved Break up Flange
eight) Cap,End Cap

two.Measurement and Spec

Nominal Dimension mm/in Pipe O.D mm/in Working Strain PSI/MPa Bolt Size  Dimensions mm/in Hole cuting proportions
No.-Dimensions mm A B C mm/in
25*fifteen    33.7*21.three 300 M10 85 fifty fifty 24
one*½ one.375*.839 two.07 three.346 one.969 1.969 .945
25*twenty      33.7*26.9      three hundred eighty five 50 fifty 24
1*¾ 1.327*1.059 2.07 three.346 1.969 one.969 .945
32*fifteen     forty two.4*21.3      300 91 forty one fifty eight thirty
1¼*½ one.669*.839 2.07 three.583 1.614 two.283 1.181
32*twenty forty two.4*26.nine 300 91 44 fifty eight thirty
1¼*¾ one.669*1.059 two.07 3.583 1.732 two.283 1.181
32*25 42.4* 300 ninety one 50 58 thirty
1¼*1 one.669*1.327 two.07 3.583 1.969 2.283 1.181
40*15     48.3*21.3 300 91 45 fifty eight thirty
1½*½ 1.900*.839 2.07 three.583 one.772 two.283 1.181
forty*20 48.3*26.9 three hundred ninety one 51 58 thirty
1½*¾ 1.900*1.059 two.07 3.583 two.008 two.283 one.181
40*twenty five forty eight.3*33.7 300 ninety one 55 fifty eight thirty
1½*1 1.900*1.327 2.07 3.583 hundred sixty five two.283 1.181
50*15    sixty.3*21.3 three hundred ninety five fifty three fifty eight 30
two*½ two.375*.839 two.07 three.740 2.087 two.283 1.181
50*twenty sixty.3*26.nine 300 95 57 58 thirty
two*¾ two.375*1.059 two.07 3.740 2.244 2.283 one.181
50*25 sixty.3* 300 95 sixty fifty eight thirty
two*1 2.375*1.327 two.07 3.740 2.362 two.283 1.181
sixty five*fifteen 73*21.three three hundred 110 60 58 30
2½*½ two.874*.839 two.07 4.331 two.362 2.283 one.181
sixty five*twenty seventy three*26.nine 300 a hundred and ten sixty three fifty eight thirty
2½*¾ two.874*1.059 2.07 4.331 two.480 two.283 1.181
65*25 73* 300 110 sixty six 58 thirty
2½*1 2.874*1.327 two.07 four.331 two.598 two.283 one.181
sixty five*15 seventy six.1*21.3 300 one hundred ten 61 fifty eight 30
3OD*½ 3*.839 two.07 4.331 two.402 2.283 1.181
sixty five*20 76.1*26.nine 300 one hundred ten 64 fifty eight thirty
3OD*¾ three*1.059 2.07 four.331 2.520 two.283 1.181
65*twenty five seventy six.1*33.7 three hundred 110 sixty eight fifty eight 30
3OD*1 three*1.327 two.07 four.331 two.677 2.283 1.181

three.Installation Instruction for U-Bolt CZPT Tee

1. Pipe Preparation
Cleanse the gasket sealing surface in 16mm of the hole and examine the sealing surface visually for flaws that could avoid suitable sealing of the gasket. Don’t drill the gap on weld line.
two. Remove burrs
Remove any burrs or slug ahead of installation to protect the gasket and stop leakage.
3. Gasket&Housing Set up
Insert the gasket into outlet housing effectively. Align outlet housing above the pipe hole generating sure that the locating collar is in the pipe hole.
4. Alignment
Attach the U-bolt from the other aspect and tighten the nuts.
5. Tighten nuts
Alternatively and evenly tighten the nuts to the specified bolt torque.
six. Installation total
Appropriate torquing of bolts is essential to receive specified performance.
-Over torquing the bolts could consequence in harm to the bolt and/or casting which could outcome in pipe joint separation.
-Under Torquing the bolts may possibly end result in reduced force retention abilities, reduce bend load abilities, joint leakage and pipe joint separation. Pipe joint separation could consequence in important residence damage and severe harm.

4.Variety of products

Rigid coupling, Versatile coupling, 90° Elbow, 45° Elbow, 22.5° Elbow, 11.25° Elbow, Tee, Reducing Tee(Grooved/Threaded), Cross, Reducing Cross(Grooved/Threaded), Mechnical Tee(Grooved/Threaded), Mechnical Cross(Grooved/Threaded), U-bolted Mechnical Tee, Reducer(Grooved/Threaded), Grooved Eccentric Reducer, Grooved Split Flange, Grooved Adaptor Flange, Cap.

5.Merchandise Pic

six.Creation and shipping and delivery

7.Certification and other merchandise demonstrate


Gasket Content Temperature Selection Recommendations  Coloration
E EPDM -34ºC~+110ºC
Suggest for hot water, dilute acid, oil-cost-free gasoline and other mecmicals(except for hybrocarbon) within the specified temperature assortment. Not recommend for petroleum and hydrocarbon. Eco-friendly Strip
D NBR -29ºC~+82ºC
Suggested for petroleum goods, gasoline with oil vapors, mineral oil and vegetable oil. Not advised for substantial temperature supplies. Orange Strip
S Silicon CZPT -40ºC~+177ºC
Advisable for higher temperature and dry air, and some substantial temperature chemical compounds. White

Application: As one of the most well-known fittings in fireplace combating techniques, the grooved pipe fittings are commonly utilised in fire battling, air-conditioning, drinking water supply, sewage, cement, oil&fuel pipeline, mine piping and regular piping supply. CZPT is spreading all more than the globe and profitable the appreciations from customers at residence and abroad.

China Ductile Iron U-Bolted Mechanical Tee for Fire Fightingchina ProfessionalFactory for Fire Fighting with ce certificate top quality Good price