China Fire Protection Clothing Made From Aramid Fiber with ce certificate top quality Good price

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Firefighters CZPT CZPT Clothing Directions

      CZPT -fighting protecting clothes is the protective apparel that firefighters donning in fireplace battling, with flame retardant, watertight, anti-static, breathable, penetration, CZPT -fading, and with strong identification.

one. Structural Attributes
one.1 Four-layer structure. It is composed of flame retardant layer, waterproof and permeable layer, insulation layer and comfort layer, and has a reflective signal in the clear area of the jacket and underpants.  
one.2. CZPT and base dress split composition, prime and trousers overlap in between the part is better than 200mm.

two. Specification Dimensions, CZPT ght
two.1. Size

Clothes number specification Reference peak (cm)
tuba L 175-180
Medium M one hundred seventy-175
trumpet S a hundred sixty five-one hundred seventy

Be aware: Unique requirements are agreed between source and demand
two.2. CZPT ght: The whole garment bodyweight <=3Kg

three. Gown Code of Garments
   The overall performance of the garment can only be confirmed if the leading and trousers are appropriately worn and closed, and need to be dressed correctly in the following ways.
  3.1. Put the fire boots into the pants feet, set them on with the trousers, pull the zipper, buckle the midsection buckle, adjust the strap.
  3.2. Put on your jacket and tie all the shut elements.
three.3. If essential, place up the collar and snap the remaining and proper buckles collectively.
  3.4. When utilizing garments with daily life-saving drag belt, pull the drag belt out of the again opening of the jacket. Use up to retract the drag strap from the bottom opening of the garment and seal the opening on the back and base.

4. Apparel Washing Techniques
 This clothes washing, can be washed or dry-cleaned, drinking water temperature is not increased than 40 degrees C, the use of CZPT detergent.
It is very best to use dry cleaning, the use of h2o washing need to use soap washing, the best use of drying machine to dry, to prevent the turbine layer microporous blockage, affecting the influence of steam penetration.  It is strictly forbidden to use the scum washing method. Inappropriate washing methods can modify the visual appeal and level of security of clothes.

five. Maintenance and Dressing
5.1. After donning this protecting garments, it need to be placed in a ventilated and dry area and not allowed to be positioned in a humid environment.
5.2. If garments seems tiny area of hook hanging hurt ought to be promptly sewn, massive area harm can not perform a protecting role when not permitted to enter the hearth scene.
six. Storage Situations
six.1. Do not speak to with oily, corrosive posts when storing.
6.2. Beware of hook hanging and prevent mildew decay.
6.3. Store in a dry and ventilated place, keep away from rain, humidity, publicity to the sunlight.

Note: This garment does not provide protection to the wearer in the adhering to harmful environments.
 Crossing a fireplace zone or related harmful environment.
 Chemical leak atmosphere.
 A fireplace atmosphere that is exposed to a massive quantity of flammable liquid.


China Fire Protection Clothing Made From Aramid Fiber with ce certificate top quality Good price