China New Fire Fighting Headquarters Suit, Fire Retardant Coverall with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

The item detail information:
The type, shade, symbol and measurement of this item must meet up with the needs of the emblem and the design of variety 17 CZPT fighter CZPT Fighting Command uniform.
The command suit has 4 levels of structure, specifically, the outer layer (Ibernat Vettel), the watertight breathable layer (aramid CZPT -woven material + flame retardant PTFE film), the thermal insulation layer (Ibernat T-70) and the relaxed layer (Ibernat TV120), which can efficiently shield the upper and reduced trunk, head and neck, arms and legs of fireplace fighters, and it is watertight. It can also expel sweat efficiently. Command clothing has the benefits of flame retardant, waterproof and breathable, warmth insulation, anti-static and eye-catching brand, and is the most perfect protecting apparel for commanders in crisis rescue subject. The command fit is made up of a jacket and H-belt trousers. Clothes weighting (kg): 3.225kg

Materials and structures:

(1) Subject composition:

one. Higher and reduce break up composition. The jacket is overcoat type and the underpants are belt variety protecting trousers.

two. Collar:  Collar is vertical collar style, interior collar is made of comfortable cloth with easy shade and skin.

3. Reflective marking band: A 360-diploma annular marking band is organized on the upper body, hem and cuff of the jacket, and a 360-diploma annular marking band is arranged on the leg of the trousers. The reflective band width is 50.8 mm (2 inches) and the coloration is yellow, silver and yellow.

four. Trousers crotch: trousers crotch is developed in one particular piece.

five. Trousers straps: with H-type straps, straps can be modified in accordance to the wants of the duration, and can be disassembled.

six. The CZPT of the jacket zipper is No. 8.

(2) Subsidiary composition
one. Pocket: The remaining upper body of the jacket is geared up with a radio stereo pocket and an inner pocket (cellular mobile phone bag). The jacket pocket is created as an oblique insertion pocket with one tool bag on the outer aspect of the trousers thigh. All exterior pockets are provided with leak holes.

two. Remaining arm magic sticker: 90 mm x a hundred and ten mm shield magic sticker is mounted on the outdoors of still left upper arm, which can adhere protect-kind logo.

three. Cuff: The cuff is designed with round arc, the outer content is wrapped all around the edge, the tightening changing loop is established, and it is equipped with rib protective wrist, the rib protective wrist opens the thumb gap, and the interior part is provided with water end fabric.

4. CZPT Gate: Top Gate Magic Paste is a via style.

5. Bottom hem of jacket: The bottom hem of comfortable layer of jacket is provided with h2o stop cloth. The rear element of the pendulum is provided with a fork.

six. Trouser foot: The trouser foot is designed with round arc, with drinking water stop cloth within, zipper within, and put on-resistant material edge all around trouser foot.

seven. Reinforcement: Shoulder, elbow and knee are taken care of with dress in-resistant layer, which is soft and easy to thoroughly clean.

eight. There are two hanging loops on the remaining and right shoulders.
Firefighter’s command uniform is mostly worn by fire fighters in command of fireplace battling and rescue internet site, which plays a part of actual physical protection. The outfits can not be worn in large temperature atmosphere, this kind of as jungle, wilderness fire and forest hearth.

(3) CZPT nical performance:
TPP (cal/cm2): 32.three
Outer Layer: Flame Retardant Efficiency: Reign Time (s): 0s, Injury Size (mm): CZPT itudinal 48, Latitudinal 48, no melting, dropping phenomenon.
Insulation layer: flame retardant efficiency: CZPT itude: CZPT itude: CZPT itude: CZPT itude: CZPT itude: CZPT itude: s harm size mm: CZPT itude forty eight, latitude forty five, no melting, dropping phenomenon

Convenience Layer: Flame Retardant Performance: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: Latitudinal: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: s Harm size mm: CZPT itudinal 42, Latitudinal forty four, no melting, dropping phenomenon

Reflective Mark Band: Flame Retardant Overall performance: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: Latitudinal: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: CZPT itudinal: s Harm length mm: CZPT itudinal twenty, Latitudinal eighteen, no melting, dropping phenomenon

Floor moisture resistance: outer layer three

Fracture toughness: outer CZPT itude: 1203N latitude: 934.1N convenience layer CZPT itude: 508.3N latitude: 309.0N
Tearing energy (N): CZPT itude 295.5, latitude
Fracture power (N): CZPT itudinal 1571, zonal 835.4
Device location mass (g/): outer layer: 204 water-resistant and permeable layer: 113 insulation layer: 75 comfort and ease layer: one hundred twenty

Water-resistant and breathable layer: hydrostatic strain: > 50KPa oil repellency (> grade 3) (4) humidity permeability: 7536g/m2 * 24h oil resistance (> quality 3) needle spacing density: mild and dim lines (needle/3cm) > twelve look: ironing flat garments, neat, CZPT -ironing yellow, h2o stain, vibrant gentle, powder printing, thread head collar basic clothing, not turning over symmetrically The place is basically the exact same there will be no degumming and surface area infiltration of the adhesive lining the label placement is appropriate and the size mark is accurate and clear.


China New Fire Fighting Headquarters Suit, Fire Retardant Coverall with ce certificate top quality Good price