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Merchandise Description

Merchandise Name:

Drilling-spool-BLOW OUT PREVENTER components Casing CZPT / Tubing CZPT -Couplings Tubing

Producer of Tubing and casing coupling according to API SPEC 5CT AND 5B.

Measurement: 1.050, 1.315, 1.660, 1.900, 2-3/8, 2-7/8, 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2 inch
26.67mm, 33.40mm, 42.16mm, forty eight.26mm, 88.90mm, one hundred and one.60mm, 114.30mm

End kind: EUE, NUE

Grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, P110 and and many others.

Common: API5CT & API5B

HangZhou Oilfield Products And Equipment CZPT Co., Ltd. Founded in 1990, is a greater and skilled petroleum equipment and instruments production enterprise.

We are primarily partaking in creation and product sales of oil and gas drilling and extracting equipments and instruments Our products mostly contain Tubing, Casing, CZPT , Pup joints Drill pipe, CZPT fat drill pipe, Kelly, Drill collar Drill bit and so on.

Sell API-5CT Casing, Tubing, CZPT .
Our manufacturing unit manufacture Casing, Tubing:
In accordance to API SPEC 5CT.
Metal quality: J55, K55, L80, N80, C95, P110
O. D. Range Tubing: From 2-3/8″to 4-1/2″(EUE/NU)
Casing: From 4-1/2″ to 20″,
Threads: BTC, LTC, STC.
Duration variety: R1, R2, R3

Swage Nipples & CZPT Plugs
Line Pipe A234 Quality WPB
Minimal Temperature A350 LF2, A420 Quality
Tubing and Casing J-55, L-eighty, K-fifty five
Nipples – CZPT d, Tubing, Casing, Pump Seating
Pup CZPT s
Hydrostatically examined to meet API-5CT specs
Produced from new, full excess weight, seamless tubing
Obtainable Grades J-fifty five, L-80

Tubing and Casing CZPT s
Offered Grades J-55, L-80
Mix CZPT s, Special Clearance
Norris Restore Clamps
Jiffy Repair Clamps designed for swift and easy fix of blowouts, splits and other leaks
Stainless steel band Buna N lining
200 psi score
Sleeve CZPT s
Supply a fast, flexible joint for simple stop pipe.
Two types 380 limited and four hundred CZPT .
Buna gaskets
Strain rankings: 500 to 1000 doing work stress

Hoses and Adaptable Tubing
Leak Detectors CZPT s, Sealants
Measurement Devices
Miniature Modular Methods
Pre-Engineered Subsystems
Sample Cylinders
Tubing and Tube Accessories
Welding System

Tubing Pipe is a pipe or hollow cylinder for the conveyance of fluids (liquids or gases). The phrases ‘pipe’ and ‘tubing’ are virtually interchangeable, though slight distinctions exist (normally, “tubing” implies tighter CZPT specifications than “pipe”). Each “pipe” and “tube” imply a degree of rigidity and permanence, whereas a “hose” is usually transportable and versatile.

Couplings Tubing & Pipe Elbows HammerTek Intelligent Elbow Camlocks/Fittings Rapid-In shape Ducting CZPT Valves & CZPT CZPT urethane Liners Stage CZPT Vacuum CZPT ing
Attachments & CZPT Aerators Blowers/Blower Fabricated Things CZPT & Clamps Vibration Goods

Accessible in
Aluminum, stainless metal, carbon and galvanized metal
Sizes assortment from 1-1/2″ by way of 12″OD (some more substantial sizes CZPT )
Customized-weld fabrications manufactured to CZPT er specifications in a vast assortment of sizes and components.
Personalized shapes
Parallel laterals
Bifurcated bends
Mitered bends

5.1 Elbow
5.2 CZPT
5.3 CZPT
five.4 Reducer
five.5 Olets
5.6 Tee
5.7 Cross
5.8 Cap
five.9 Plug
five.10 Nipple
5.11 Barb
five.12 Valves
six Drain-squander-vent (DWV) and associated fittings
6.1 Sweep elbow
6.2 Closet flange
6.3 CZPT -outs
six.4 Lure primers
six.5 Combo-tee
six.6 CZPT tee
6.7 Double sanitary tee (sanitary cross)
six.8 Wye fitting
six.9 Double-tapped bushing
seven CZPT ulic fittings
8 Connection techniques
8.1 CZPT ener
eight.2 Threaded pipe
eight.3 Solvent welding
8.4 Soldering
eight.5 Brazing
8.6 Welding
eight.7 Compression fittings
eight.8 Flare fittings
8.9 Flange fittings
eight.ten CZPT fittings
eight.eleven Crimped or pressed fittings

The API couplings for tubing and casing pipes
Size and Specifications For Tubing and Casing CZPT s
Descriptions and size Variety of Therad O. D*L
Excess weight
Tubing CZPT


1.050 NUE 33.35*80.96 .23
1.050 EUE forty two.16*eighty two.55 .38
1.315 NUE forty two.sixteen*eighty two.55 .38
one.315 EUE forty eight.26*88.90 .fifty seven
one.660 NUE 52.seventeen*88.ninety .fifty nine
1.660 EUE fifty eight.88*ninety five.25 .sixty eight
1.900 NUE 55.88*ninety five.25 .fifty six
1.900 EUE sixty three.50*98.forty two .eighty four
2-3/8″ NUE seventy three.02*107.ninety five one.28
2-3/8″ EUE 77.eighty*132.eighty two 1.55
two-7/8″ NUE 88.90*one hundred thirty.eighteen 2.34
2-7/8″ EUE ninety three.17*133.35 2.40
three-1/2″ NUE 107.95*142.88 three.seventy one
three-1/2″ EUE 114.thirty*146.05 4.ten
four” NUE 120.sixty five*146.05 4.35
4″ EUE 127.00*152.40 4.82
4-1/2″ NUE 132.08*one hundred fifty five.fifty eight four.89
4-1/2″ EUE 141.thirty*158.seventy five 6.05
Casing CZPT


4-1/2″ STC 127.00*158.seventy five five.23
four-1/2″ LTC 127.00*177.80 four.15
4-1/2″ BTC 127.00*225.42 four.55
five” STC 141.thirty*a hundred sixty five.10 4.sixty six
five” LTC 141.30*196.eighty five five.seventy five
5″ BTC 141.thirty*231.seventy eight five.85
5-1/2″ STC 153.67*171.forty five five.23
5-1/2″ LTC 153.67*203.20 six.42
5-1/2″ BTC 153.67*234.ninety five six.36
six-5/8″ STC 187.seventy one*184.15 nine.12
six-5/8″ LTC 187.seventy one*222.twenty five eleven.34
six-5/8″ BTC 187.71*244.forty eight eleven.01
7″ STC 194.forty six*184.fifteen 8.39
7″ LTC 194.46*228.sixty 10.83
seven” BTC 194.46*254.00 10.fifty four
7-5/8″ STC 215.ninety*190.fifty twelve.30
7-5/8″ LTC 215.ninety*234.ninety five fifteen.63
seven-5/8″ BTC 215.90*263.fifty two fifteen.eighty two
eight-5/8″ STC 244.48*196.85 16.23
8-5/8″ LTC 244.forty eight*254.00 21.sixty seven
8-5/8″ BTC 244.48*269.88 20.86
nine-5/8″ STC 269.88*196.85 18.03
nine-5/8″ LTC 269.88*266.70 twenty five.forty five
nine-5/8″ BTC 269.88*269.88 23.sixteen
10-3/4″ STC 298.45*203.20 20.seventy eight
10-3/4″ BTC 298.45*269.88 twenty five.74
11-3/4′ STC 323.eighty five*203.20 22.64
eleven-3/4′ BTC 323.eighty five*269.88 28.03
13-3/8″ STC 365.twelve*203.20 twenty five.sixty six
thirteen-3/8″ BTC 365.12*269.88 31.seventy seven
sixteen” STC 431.eighty*228.6 34.ninety one
16″ BTC 431.80*269.88 forty.28
18-5/8″ STC 508.00*228.sixty 51.01
eighteen-5/8″ BTC 508.00*269.88 62.sixty eight
twenty” STC 533.40*228.6 43.forty two
twenty” LTC 533.4*292.10 fifty seven.04
twenty” BTC 533.forty*269.88 fifty.10

TB 1610-25 Taper Bushings are standard tapered bushings employed to lock pulleys, wheels, couplings and other components on push shafts. Bushings have tapered outer surfaces and cylindrical bores with H7 tolerances, such as standard keyways. When secured, the assembly is ready to transmit torque whilst making certain that it is not affected by axial displacement.
China Rear Door Hinge-Small Trailer Components & Grab Handles with ce certificate top quality Good price