China Wn River Dredging End Suction Pump with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

WN type Dredging Pump is horizontal&comma solitary-stage cantilevered construction&comma which is developed to meet up with the need of the contractor demanding and complete dredging need&time period WN sort dredge pump impeller passage is really broad&comma to ongoing pumping gravel or substantial plastic clay and not takes place jam&period The nominal sum of put on elements design and style in these dredge pumps results in reduced use&comma CZPT lifestyle and reduce servicing which translates into less downtime&comma considerable value savings and dredging great overall performance inside of substantial efficiency&time period

two hundred WN – 500 WN type dredge pump integral by a solitary pump shell&comma one stage solitary suction cantilever horizontal construction&comma press and CZPT of the relationship way all can give two sorts of standard composition&comma namely just take bracket type and pump box and variety&interval Possess bracket kind lubrication way as the grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication&time period

600 WN – a thousand WN variety dredge pump all round adopts double pump shell&comma one phase single suction cantilever horizontal construction&comma provide their possess bracket&comma lubrication way as the forced skinny oil lubrication&period of time Double pump shell the protection and reliability of the design tends to make sheath always can use to shut to use via&comma and when sheath rupture&comma pump space will not fill&interval

Entrance launch design&comma effortless to maintain
Impeller release collar&comma effortless disassembly
Great efficiency of NPSH
Massive particles passage
Alter the speed or diameter of impeller to alter functioning stage
Wear resistant metallic damp conclude parts&comma CZPT provider life&period
Large performance
Technical specs
&ast Dimension&colon  300 to 1000mm
&ast Ability&colon  200 to 30000 m3&solh
&ast CZPT imum head&colon  75m
&ast Dredging industries
&ast CZPT ulic Mud Fill
&ast Sand Suction

Dredge Pump Performence Chart

Model Capacity Head Speed NPSH  Max&period Diameter of Flowed Particle Measurement&lparmm&rpar
&lparm3&solh&rpar &lparm&rpar &lparrpm&rpar &lparm&rpar Five Parts There Pieces
100WN  180-250  25-45  one thousand-1400  <3&period5  fifty eighty two
150WND  four hundred-550  25-45  1200-1400  <4  76 127
150WN  500-700  forty-65  800-980  <3&period5  84 one hundred forty
200WND  600-800  20-40  seven-hundred-900  <4&period5  one zero five 178
200WN  750-1000  forty-65  seven-hundred-850  <4  108 a hundred and eighty
250WND  950-1100  20-40  five hundred-700  <4  132 220
250WN  1100-1300  40-65  five hundred-650  <4&period5  86 144
300WND  1500-1800  20-40  400-600  <4&period5  one hundred forty four 241
300WN  1800-2200  40-65  four hundred-550  <4  one hundred forty four 241
350WN  2600-3000  40-65  400-550  <4  147 245
400WND  2800-3200  20-40  four hundred-550  <4&period5  one hundred fifty 250
450WN  3200-3800  forty-67  350-500  <4&period5  one hundred twenty five 254
450WNG  3200-3800  65-90  400-475  <4&period5  125 250
500WND  3600-4200  twenty-40  220-400  <4&period5  200 330
500WN  4500-5500  40-65  350-450  <4&period8  a hundred and fifty 250
500WNG  4500-5500  sixty five-90  405-445  <4&period8  220 350
650WNG  8000-11000  60-90  325-390  <6  168 280
650WND  6000-10000  20-40  250-320  <6  168 280
700WNG  ten thousand-14000  60-85  280-330  <6  one hundred eighty 300
850WND  12000-16000  23-35  180-250  <6  210 350
1000WND  18000-22000  30-40  120-140  <5&period5  320&lparFour Blades&rpar  

China Wn River Dredging End Suction Pump with ce certificate top quality Good price