China Zfmh-Hc L (DRD) Protective Fireman Coveralls Equipments with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

This protective garments adopts three-layer framework, which is the outer material of new fire-combating protecting clothing (flame armor), waterproof and breathable layer (warmth insulation layer) (aramid CZPT -woven cloth+flame retardant PTFE film) and the ease and comfort layer of new fireplace-preventing protecting apparel (new fire-fighting comfort and ease layer). Protecting clothing has the benefits of flame retardant, waterproof and breathable, warmth insulation, anti-static and eye-catching brand, which can defend firefighters from CZPT -time period fireplace combating. A hidden lifestyle-saving drag belt (DRD) is arranged under the again collar of protective garments, so that when rescuers are injured or fall to the floor, other crew customers can rapidly drag them absent from the dangerous scene.

Material and structurer
1. Primary Structure
The higher and lower split structure, the overlapping element between jacket and trousers ≥200mm.
– Collar: The collar is designed as a stand collar, with a protecting collar at the CZPT collar and a comfortable material with smooth colour on the inside of the collar.
– Reflective marker band: one particular 360-degree annular marker band is set on the upper body, hem and cuffs of the jacket, and 1 360-diploma annular marker band is established on the legs of the trousers. The width of reflective marking tape is fifty.8mm(2 inches), and the coloration is yellow, silver and yellow.
four. Trouser crotch: The crotch of trousers adopts an integrated design and style.
five. Pant strap: It is outfitted with H-shaped strap, the duration of which can be altered as necessary and can be disassembled.
6. The zipper size of the CZPT placket of the jacket is No.8.

2. Extra structurer
1. Pocket: A radio stereo pocket is arranged exterior the left chest of the jacket, with an inside insertion pocket and an external patch pocket at the hem. One resource bag is established on the lateral thigh. All outer pockets are offered with h2o leakage holes.
2. Left arm hook and loop: A 90mm×110mm shield-type hook and loop is set on the outer side of the remaining higher arm, and a defend-sort brand can be pasted.
three. Cuff: The cuff is developed with horseshoe cuffs, the outer content is wrapped, the tightening adjustment loops are set, and the ribbed protective wristband is geared up with thumb holes, and the within is offered with h2o-halting fabric.
four. Coat placket: The hook and loop of coat placket is through style.
five. Jacket hem: The hem of the convenience layer of the jacket is supplied with drinking water-stopping cloth.
six. Trousers leg opening: The trousers leg opening is designed in an arc condition, with drinking water-quit fabric inside of, zipper within, and use-resistant content wrapping all around the trousers leg.
seven. Reinforcement therapy: The shoulders, elbows and knees are thickened with wear-resistant layer, which is soft and easy to clean.
eight. There are two hanging tabs on the remaining and appropriate shoulders.

Schematic diagram of jacket framework

Schematic diagram of trousers construction





Belt loop

Reflective tape


Water cease fabric


Firefighters’ protecting clothes is largely specific apparel worn by firefighters for the duration of hearth battling and rescue, which is used to defend the trunk, head and neck, arms and legs. This merchandise cannot be utilised in higher temperature setting (these kinds of as jungle fireplace, wilderness fireplace and forest hearth).

Safety use
1. Remember to read through the instruction guide very carefully ahead of using protective apparel, and CZPT company will not be accountable for the consequences caused by not subsequent the instruction handbook.
two. CZPT combating and rescue operations are highly unsafe employment, and staff without having expert education are prohibited from using protective apparel to enter the hearth location without having authorization.
three. Ahead of employing protective clothes, it is necessary to cautiously examine whether or not there are cracks and wear marks on the garments floor. If any injury is identified, it need to be stopped right away and changed with intact protective clothing.
four. The person must select protecting clothing of proper dimension. When wearing it, the jacket and trousers need to be utilized with each other. At the same time, all elements of the fire fighting protective clothes, this sort of as buckles, buttons, zippers, collars, and so forth., should be CZPT ened. It must be utilized in conjunction with firemen’s individual protecting gear these kinds of as helmets, masks, gloves and boots, so as to protect firemen’s entire body a lot more comprehensively.

Shell out Consideration
one. Consider to avoid direct get in touch with amongst protective garments and flame, molten metal and sharp objects. 2. It is forbidden to use protecting garments in higher temperature, chemical, radiation and electric fields. 3. If the first framework of protective clothing has been damaged because of to wear, tear or chemical erosion, it must be discarded. Except if the firm’s special fabrics and specific substantial-temperature resistant sewing threads are employed for restore, it is strictly prohibited to use other fabrics that have not been examined for fireproof efficiency with no authorization, so as not to influence the all round flame retardant performance of clothes and probably lead to incidents throughout procedure.

1. CZPT fighters must frequently verify the protecting clothing they use, and clear it in time when there are stains. Wash with drinking water or professional washing machine to keep away from dry cleaning. The water temperature need to be 35-48ºC, and CZPT detergent should be added to avoid bleach and softener.
two. If the protective garments is contaminated with severe stains such as oil stain and blood stain, it ought to be smeared with multiple amounts of detergent in CZPT , rubbed by hand or frivolously brushed with a brush and rinsed with distinct h2o just before washing. Remember to disinfect with disinfectant right after removing blood stains.
3. Keep away from CZPT -phrase publicity to sunlight or fluorescent lamps when the protecting garments is dried to avert ultraviolet rays from harming the protective performance. If drying is adopted, the temperature during drying ought to not exceed 60ºC, so as to avert the micropores in the breathable layer from blocking and impacting the breathable effect of clothes.
4. Protecting apparel need to be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. In addition, it should be washed and dried just before storage to make certain that this garment is clear and tidy ahead of storage.
5. When the protecting clothing requirements to be saved in a entire scenario, the cartons ought to be put on picket boards or shelves to prevent the clothing from receiving moist. If it is stored for a CZPT time, it must be taken out and dried routinely to stop clothes from getting moist, mildew, bugs and bacteria.
six. Stay away from mixing protective garments with inflammable and explosive articles or blog posts or chemical compounds these kinds of as oil, acid and alkali during transportation.




China Zfmh-Hc L (DRD) Protective Fireman Coveralls Equipments with ce certificate top quality Good price